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Meet the Androcyte team, sponsor of the world's most comprehensive research study of supercentenarians and their families.

Nady Braidy, Scientific Advisor

Research Fellow in Psychiatry at the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. In 2011, he was the first to show that NAD+ levels decline with ageing, and enzymes involved in NAD+ synthesis are dysregulated during the pace of ageing. He has published over 82 peer reviewed publications (H index = 20), 6 book chapters, 2 books and 1 international patent on a pharmacological formulation to promote NAD+ synthesis in mammalian cells.

George Church, Scientific Adviser

Prof of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Dir of the Center for Computational Genetics. 1984 Harvard PhD included the first direct genomic sequencing method, molecular multiplexing tags, which lead to automation & software used at Genome Therapeutics Corp. for the first commercial genome sequence -- pathogen, Helicobacter in 1994.

James Clement, CEO & Study Manager

Board of Directors at Knome, Inc; Board of Directors at Alcor Life Extension Foundation; Co-Founder h+ Magazine; COO of Maximum Life Foundation; Executive Director of Humanity+; Attorney and Entrepreneur, NASD Series 7 and Series 66, Investment Adviser.

Michael Fossel, Scientific Adviser

Professor of Clinical Medicine at Michigan State University and editor of the journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, who is best known for his views on telomerase therapy as a possible treatment for cellular senescence. Fossel has written numerous articles on aging and ethics for the Journal of the American Medical Association and In Vivo, and he published a book titled Reversing Human Aging in 1996. An academic textbook by Fossel entitled Cells, Aging, and Human Disease was published in 2004 by Oxford University Press.

Alexander Garruss, Scientific Adviser

PhD Candidate at Harvard University and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Former bioinformatics analyst at the Stower's Institute for Medical Research conducting analyses of next generation sequencing data and regulatory genomics.

J. Pedro Magalhaes, Scientific Adviser

Research Fellow in Genetics under George Church at Harvard Medical School. Developed high-throughput approaches for studying ageing, including computational tools and databases. Currently, lecturer in Biological Sciences at University of Liverpool.

Raymond McCauley, Scientific Adviser

Chief Science Officer at Genomera, Chair of the Biotechnology Track, Singularity University, former Sr. Bioinformatics Scientist at Illumina; next generation sequencing technology to develop new applications in gene expression, including miRNA, ChIP-Seq, methylation and epigenomics.

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Supercentenarian research study

Supercentenarian research


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